And While We’re On the Subject of Intolerance…


Reader Warning: The links point to articles detailing child abuse allegations. Those details are very disturbing. Those specifics do not appear in this entry.

A Florida man is accused of beating his son to death over fears that the child, 3, might have been gay, according to a report from the Tampa Tribune.

Despite an apparent history of abuse as reported by the St. Petersburg Times, the child was returned to his parents just before Christmas. By January 22, he had slipped into a coma and death came six days later.

The boy’s mother testified in court on Monday that the boy’s father would box with the child, slapping in the head until he cried because he didn’t want the child to be a “sissy.” The mother of the child’s sister testified that the boy’s father was teaching him how to fight because he was “afriad the child might be gay.”

Gay. A three-year-old, gay? A toddler fatally beaten so he would learn not to be a sissy?

What kind of world do we live in?

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