Angry NRA Fans Join Yeti Cooler Challenge Over Discount

NRA supporters who happen to own Yeti coolers are posting videos of themselves destroying the pricey products in a boycott named the ‘Yeti Cooler Challenge.’

There’s a very good reason I do not own a Yeti cooler. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product or its manufacturer’s relationship — or lack thereof — with political groups.

For me, it comes down to price and price alone.

Some varieties of Yeti coolers retail for more than $300. You can buy a small refrigerator for that. Granted, you can’t plug in a refrigerator in the wilderness or on some rowboats where a cooler is more practical.

But in my book, paying that much for a cooler borders on the insane. I’ve heard great things about them, but I just don’t see paying that much.

That’s why I can’t quite wrap my mind around people who own Yeti coolers taking part in an absurd boycott that has come to be known as the “Yeti Cooler Challenge.” It consists basically of recording footage of the destruction of your own Yeti product. Examples have included people blowing up Yeti coolers, firing bullets through them or even using a vice to destroy a Yeti thermos.

The “challenge” began after an NRA lobbyist sent a note to members claiming Yeti suddenly “declined to do business with the NRA Foundation.” 

The note claims Yeti notified the NRA they “no longer wish to be an NRA vendor and refused to say why.”

Yeti, on the other hand, claims it merely ended “outdated discounting programs” the NRA took part in. It says it’s offering “an alternative customization program.”

You have to decide for yourself whether you believe Yeti, whose products are popular among hunters, would actually decline to do any business with a group like the NRA.

But that’s not the only thing that doesn’t make sense.

It’s funny to think that some of these very same people were quick to side with businesses who refused to bake cakes for a same-sex wedding, claiming that business owners should have the right to guide their business based on their beliefs. It’s not remotely surprising that when the issue changes from homosexuality to guns, a double standard suddenly appears.

But they can’t have it both ways: businesses should be allowed to make their own decisions without penalty or they shouldn’t.

Pick one position and let’s run with it.

If people would simply vow never to buy another Yeti product again, that’d be one thing. I could completely respect that. If they decided to donate or sell Yeti products they already own to try to recoup their money, I could respect that as well.

But for people who destroy the products they already own Yeti products, there’s a problem. Yeti already has their money. Destroying your Yeti-brand product doesn’t hurt Yeti. It hurts you. You’re the one who’s already paid a fortune for a product that you now have to pay more money to replace.

They might as well have placed their own wallets in those coolers and opened fire on them, too.

We’ve become so boycott-happy in this country that we’re not even using common sense to plan them out. When being angry is more important than being rational, that’s a sad day in America.


  1. I hate the NRA. I’ve read about the tactics they have used to keep their high positions in the government (including managing to get Democratic people terminated or run out of office), to keep enormous amounts of money in their coffers, and the kind of frightening adverts they put out to scare people into becoming gun-toting crazy lock down Neó-Nazis. See these commercials before accusing me of being too harsh. I was disgusted by them. Horrified would the better term.

    But I agree about what you are saying. The gods know, I spend lavishly, but I treat everything I get as it should be – well. I have shoes I have owned since I was in my twenties that appear brand-new. I remember during the Rodney King case, when Luis was in Las Vegas on a business trip, people there were setting fires to their own houses! Now, how is THAT effective in speaking out?! I remember it so well, because I was hearing about it from others’ and calling Luis to see if he’s okay, and he lied to me that he hadn’t seen any of that so I wouldn’t worry.

    It’s a mystery to me.

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