Are You Enjoying Palindrome Week?

In case you haven’t noticed, dates all this week and through next Wednesday have an unusual thing in common: each day’s digits are a palindrome.

Last year, it happened in June.

Next year, it’ll happen in August.

But this year, July is the magic month. Starting with this past Monday’s date and continuing through Wednesday of next week, the dates are palindromes.

A palindrome is a word (and in this case, a number) that is the same even if written in reverse.

The catch is that this past Monday. July 10, the date had to be written out including all four digits of the year: 7-10-2017. If you write that date in reverse order, you get 7102-01-7. You have to move the hyphens, of course, but you can see that the numbers still appear in the same order.

Monday is the odd day out in this case. Starting with this past Tuesday, July 11, and continuing through Wednesday, July 19, the trick works when you type up the dates in this form: 7-11-17.

Reverse that and you have 71-11-7, and moving the hyphens over one position to the left, you’re right back to 7-11-17.

The reason it works through next week is because the only change in the sequence is the middle digit: today’s date, for example, is 7-12-17. If you remove the hyphens, you can see even more clearly how easily reversible the number 71217 is. Tomorrow’s date, without hyphens, is 71317.

You get the idea.

As I said, next year, we’ll have to wait until August 10, 2018 for the date 8-10-2018, for the pattern to repeat itself.

Then we’ll have September of 2019 to look forward to.

And after that, it looks like we’ll be out of luck until the next millennium passes. I imagine the majority of us will no longer be around by then to worry about whether the dates are palindromes.

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