At the Mailbox

I saw this delightful little handbill posted above the mailboxes yesterday:

The top line reads, “How do you feel about homosexuals getting married?”

The answer I have is this: Unless you’re a homosexual and you happen to have someone with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life, why is it even your business? Why, honestly, would you even care?

Then there’s that tired old, “Preserve marriage” line. Preserve it by blocking people who want to embrace it to form the kind of monogamous relationship they want to celebrate the way married couples they look up to do? Must the institution of marriage require “protection” from people who want to be part of it because they value its importance?

What if these same people then decide that marriage should not only be defined as being between a man and a woman, but also as between a white man and white woman, or black man and black woman, or Baptist man and Baptist woman? How many conditions are we going to attempt to place on marriage, if this one passes?

And in any case, whether you are married or not, if someone else wants to marry the person they love, whether they happen to be of a different race, different religion or even the same gender, how does that hurt your life?

I’m ashamed that there is even a debate in this country where “all men are created equal” that boils down to whether to give some people rights everyone else has, or whether to write discrimination of any kind into our laws.

What’s happened to America?

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  1. I am two-folds on this topic. Unfortunately, we had this vote two years ago to be put through legislation – it was so denied.

    I think the same way you do. Why even care if there are same-sex couples who want to tie the knot like I have with the love of my life, who happens to be the opposite sex of myself.

    But then you have the Bible, which clearly states a matrimonial union is between a MAN and a WOMAN (which begs me to ask, Why is MAN always before WOMAN? – another issue, another time)…

    My stronger insight and view on this is that it is not the voters’ business to butt in and say who can and cannot get married. They are not God, and besides … Wouldn’t that be considered judgemental to cast votes like this, even if it is supposedly against the Bible itself?

    If you don’t want to hear of it or see it in action, just don’t bother showing up at chapels, justices of the peace ceremonies, or any other facilities that will allow such engagements and celebrations to occur. It isn’t our choice whether a person can marry the same sex or not. That should be left up to the individual.

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