Beloved Comic Star Archie Getting Killed Off


News of Archie getting killed off from his comic franchise caused a buzz among comic fans, which is pretty much the whole point. But in the world of comics, what does death really mean?

He could be America’s oldest teenager. Archie made his comic debut in 1941, and now, 73 years later, the adult version of the comic character will meet his fate as fans watch.

It turns out that there’s a sidebar comic franchise, Life with Archie, built off the original Archie Comics franchise that features future versions of Archie, Veronica, Jughead and the rest as adults. It’s in this version that Archie will reportedly be gunned down saving the life of a friend.

It’s an honorable way for any character, real or ink-based, to go.

The CEO of Archie Comics told CBS News that they had been “building up to this moment” since they started the alternate version of the comic five years ago, adding that they “knew that any book that was telling the story of Archie’s life as an adult had to also show his final moment.”

The issue after the one in which Archie dies will feature the rest of the characters trying to carry on after the loss of their friend.

And that, apparently, is where the story ends.

Unless the final two issues of Life with Archie sell like hotcakes, in which case it would not surprise me that there would suddenly be more stories to tell.

And then there’s the obvious fact that the original Archie franchise is still going on, which means that Archie, the teenager, will continue as before. It might take another 73 years — or more — before the teen version of Archie catches up with the moment that his adult counterpart faces a gun.

And I bet that by the time that happens, it will have been a dream, too.

Your Turn:

Do you think it’s right to show Archie’s “final moment,” or does it strike you as an obvious publicity stunt just to wrap up a series?

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