Bizarre Call Leads to Motel Vandalism


Years ago, I learned that in television, you never, ever say that you’ve seen it all. Because as soon as you do, you’re met with a story like the one I’m about to pass along.

Just go with me here for a minute and let me set the scene: you’re an elderly man staying in a motel when the phone rings. At the other end, according to the guy at the other end, is a manager of the motel.

He tells you that a midget is trapped in the room next door and that your help is needed to free the guy.

Let’s stop right there for a second. I would hope that you, like me, would immediately recognize that this could only be a prank call. Because the odds of you being called by the manager of a motel of which you are a guest to tell you — not the police or the fire department, but you —that a midget is trapped in a room next door and needs assistance are just about the same as you being struck by lightning eight times in eight minutes in the exact same spot right after you purchased a winning Powerball ticket.

But this man, apparently, believed in the sincerity of the caller, who then gave him another disturbing piece of news: the previous guest of the room the elderly man is in installed highly-sophisticated cameras in the room.

If I’d fallen for the first part, I hope I’d think to ask the caller how he’d know such a thing and why he’d rent a room to me that he knew to have been outfitted with such surveillance equipment. But this man, apparently, believed in the sincerity of the caller on this point as well.

The caller then informs him that rather than trying to find the cameras, the guest should simply turn off and unplug the room’s television, then smash the screen with the toilet tank cover. And after this task was complete, he should begin smashing any mirrors (behind which a hidden camera might be hiding) and to begin punching a hole in the wall to reach the trapped midget.

If it were me, I’d have hung up, grabbed my suitcase and got the devil out of there.

But I’m sure you know what really happened, because you are seeing a pattern.

Spartanburg County deputies are investigating the bizarre case of vandalism that began with what they call a prank phone call, according to WXII-TV.

But wait: it gets better!

While deputies were on the scene taking statements from the bewildered guest and motel staff, the mysterious caller called again. This time, a deputy answered and heard more bizarre details from the unidentified man, who then realized that he wasn’t speaking to the same person and hung up.

Here’s the real kicker: it turns out this sort of thing has been happening at hotels around the country, with mysterious pranksters trying to lure hotel visitors into smashing everything in site.

If you find yourself in a hotel and the phone starts ringing, you might want to let it go to voicemail.

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