Black Friday…Cyber Monday…What’s Next?


Well, at least I’m consistent.

I avoided retail stores like the plague last Friday, the so-called “Black Friday,” one of the biggest Christmas shopping days of the year. Similarly, I didn’t buy a thing online this past “Cyber Monday,” the online shopping equivalent.

I’m not ready to do my Christmas shopping, just yet, so there’s not much point in browsing because I’ll end up buying stuff I don’t need, and I’m trying to stop that.

On CBS’s The Early Show, they mentioned that the big retailers are feeling the bite of Cyber Monday and are trying to make sure they have a major web presence to take advantage of cyber shoppers. But many retailers are missing the point: I’d rather buy in person, not online. I’d rather get in my car, go to the store and return home with the item I wanted, not sit at home order something, pay shipping fees then wait for days (or weeks) for it to arrive. I’ll take the instant gratification anytime I can, thank you.

If I go shopping at Best Buy for a DVD set I want, and find it for $49.95, then I discover that I can get it on for $39.95, which is often likely, chances are really good that I’m going to buy it from If the Best Buy store has a higher price, I’m not even going to give a chance: if their website can offer a better price, so can their store. Likewise, if Best Buy undercuts, say, Circuit City, I’m not going to go online to Circuit City’s website to look for a lower price.

On the other hand, if I find low prices in the store, I might visit those glitzy websites to do additional shopping. But I’ve got to see the proof in person before I’ll add more stops along the information superhighway. Why would anyone expect shoppers to do otherwise?

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  1. Okay Patrick, here’s what you do: go to and buy the gadget you want, then get in your car, go to the store and pick it up in 24 minutes or less. It’s the best of both worlds. If it’s not ready for you in 24 minutes, you get a $24 giftcard with which you can do the thing all over again. Or send to me for Christmas. Whichever. :o)

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