Bojangle’s Biscuits Require a 48-Step Process?

I do love Bojangle’s biscuits, but I was surprised by a commercial for the chicken chain that claimed they’re the result of a 48-step process.

Bojangle’s has seemingly accomplished the impossible: turning the simple process of creating those famous Bojangle’s biscuits into a 48-step process.

I went online and looked it up and found that the restaurant does confirm the number of steps involved in making their biscuits, though I’ve yet to find the actual process outlined step by step. That, I’m sure, would be a fascinating read.

I made homemade biscuits myself this morning.

My process, alas, does not require 48 steps. If it took that many, you can bet I would have made something else. Offhand, I can’t think of anything I’ve ever cooked in my life that took that many steps.

Even if I were to take elaborate pains to include steps in my biscuit-making process, I don’t think I could hit anywhere near 48 steps:

1. Decide I’d like to have homemade biscuits.
2. Drive to the grocery store.
3. Purchase milk and Bisquick.
4. Return home.
5. Preheat Oven to 450°.
6. Get mixing bowl.
7. Combine 2.25 cups of Bisquick with 2/3 cup of milk
8. Drop dough onto ungreased cookie sheet
9. Place cookie sheet into preheated oven.
10. Set kitchen timer for 12 minutes.
11. When the timer goes off, remove cookie sheet from oven.
12. Add butter to the top of biscuits.
13. Grab plate.
14. Place baked, buttered biscuit on a plate.
15. Enjoy.
16. Repeat step 15 as necessary and while supplies last.

There you go. I can’t come up with more than a third of the total number of steps required to make Bojangle’s biscuits.

What else is there, even if you have a more complicated recipe than Bisquick and milk?

How much more can you possibly complicate things to make the process of biscuit-making take four dozen individual steps?

Don’t get me wrong: Bojangle’s biscuits are really, really good. But they’re taking quite a bit of work to get there, somehow.

What’s the most complicated food you ever make?

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