Brand Loyalty: The 10 Companies I’m Most Likely to Support

We have different reasons for the go-to brands of products we cherish. Here are the 10 companies that enjoy the best brand loyalty in my home.

Companies vie every day for your brand loyalty: they want to make sure you buy their products and no one else’s.

We all have our own unique reasons for brand loyalty. In some cases, it’s because it’s the brand our parents (or even our grandparents) always used. In others, it’s a specific brand or product that saved the day when no other one could.

Here are the 10 brands to which I’m most loyal.

1. Apple

I guess there’s no real denying this since I have no Droid or PCs in my home. I was a Mac guy as far back as the early 1990s, long before Macs were considered, at any level, “cool.”

I get quite enough of the Windows platform at work and I actually owned a Droid phone years ago while I waited for Verizon to get the iPhone. 

I’ve tried the others. I just prefer Apple.

2. Coca-Cola

In the ongoing battle between Coke and Pepsi, I’m solidly in the Coke column. More specifically, I’m a Diet Coke guy. 

I will make exceptions, particularly when Diet Pepsi is on sale at a much better price than my preferred Diet Coke. But I much prefer the taste of Diet Coke, and all things being equal, I’ll always choose it first.

3. Campbell’s Soup

There are times when the soup is merely an ingredient in a bigger dish that I might go with a store-brand variety.

But especially if I’m having soup as a meal, Campbell’s is my first choice.

4. Scott Tissue

When it comes to toilet tissue, I prefer regular Scott. It’s the longest-lasting variety I’ve found and I generally only buy it when it’s on sale.

I have quite a supply after CVS ran several weeks of sales on the big packs! 

5. Crest

Every time I go to the dentist, they give me a goody bag to take with me as I leave. And every time, I take out the little tube of Colgate and hand it back to them.

My parents always bought Crest. And every time I’ve used Colgate, I get this weird tingling reaction in my mouth that I honestly don’t think is supposed to happen. I’ve heard of other people with a similar sensitivity. My mom has it as well.

6. CBS

It could be said I’m too young to be a CBS fan, but in my professional life, the majority of my time in TV was spent at CBS stations. I’ve also been affiliated with other networks besides the Tiffany Network, but with remote in hand, I tend to go there first.

7. Delta Airlines

Maybe I’m the only one who has never had a bad experience with Delta. (And yes, I’m knocking on wood as I type this.)

Anytime I need to fly somewhere, I always try to book with them first.

8. Dawn

When it comes to dishwashing liquids, Dawn has been my top choice. I’m satisfied with the way it cleans.

But there’s a second reason.

Since I’ve started using eyeglasses coated with Crizal, which helps block glare and UV and helps make your glasses scratch-proof, my optician has suggested using Dawn — the regular blue Dawn, specifically — to clean my glasses once a week or so.

As expensive as those glasses are, I’m obviously going to follow those instructions quite carefully.

9. Maxwell House

I love my coffee, and if I’m using one of those “do it yourself” K-Cups that allow you to scoop in your own coffee, Maxwell House has always been my first choice.

My parents always drank Maxwell House growing up, so it’s almost an automatic that it’s the one I reach for at the grocery store.

10. Kraft

This brand is my only choice when it comes to boxed Macaroni and Cheese.

I know, I know…homemade macaroni and cheese that is baked like a casserole is better.

But Kraft Mac and Cheese is faster and I happen to like the taste. I’ve tried store brands but they don’t taste the same. Not even close.

Those are the brands I’m most loyal to. How about you?

Which companies do you tend to do the most business with?

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