Christmas Creep Isn’t Just for Retail Anymore


A few years ago, someone coined the term Christmas Creep to refer to stores putting up Christmas decorations earlier and earlier. But retailers aren’t the only ones starting things early.

This is the time of year that posts I’ve done in the past about Christmas Creep start getting extra hits. Especially those about Nordstrom’s, a retailer that gained praise for instituting a policy some years ago to not decorate its stores for Christmas until after Thanksgiving was over.

In some cases, Christmas Creep has said to have showed its greedy head as early as Labor Day. That’s overkill by any reasonable stretch of the imagination.

On my way to work this past Monday, however, I learned that the retail industry isn’t the only one suffering from the malady.

I had the adio on a station I don’t normally listen to, but this morning, instead of whatever its normal programming format happens to be, I heard Nat King Cole’s recording of “The Christmas Song.”

I like the song and no one could sing it quite like Cole. But Christmas music? Before the middle of November?

Silly me. I thought those renegade radio stations that tossed their normal playlists in favor of “all-Christmas all the time” did so on December 1st. Or at least no earlier than Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, when the masses are so focused on racing each other to one sale after another that they barely have time to listen to the radio to begin with.

I’ve never noticed radio stations making that switch so early before. I’ve even already heard “The Hippopotamus Song” on the air!

I could have done with waiting a few more weeks for that.

Your Turn:

Have I missed a memo here? Is it normal where you live for radio stations to already be playing Christmas music? Are there any in your area that have gone Christmas-music only?

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  • The only station we can tune in well at work (besides the country stations that not all of us enjoy) has started playing Christmas music 24/7 as of yesterday.  I believe they did this last year, as well, as I recall complaining about it. 
    I’ve expressed my displeasure with an email but I’ve gotten no response.

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