Did You Decorate for Christmas This Year?


When I was a kid, I always looked forward to pulling down the same old artificial tree and building it into its familiar shape year after year with my parents. We’d add a few new ornaments each year, but it was mostly the same look for years.

As I got older (and as more clutter got in the way), the tradition slowly faded away.

For the first few years that I had my own place, I would put up a Christmas tree. But the busier I got, the less important it seemed: putting up a tree doesn’t necessarily make Christmas any more important, and if you’re focused on what the holiday is really about, then a tree isn’t the first thing on your mind, anyway.

It has been about eight or nine years since I put up a Christmas tree in my home. I like looking at other people’s decorations, and I enjoy the festive holiday trimming at various department stores and malls. But I also enjoy the fact that someone else did all that work!

This year, however, things were a bit different. All of my neighbors — every single of them — decided to do something to decorate their front door. A few even got elaborate and pulled out the Christmas lights and strung them around their windows. And there was my place with nothing.

So I went to a local Christmas tree sales tent and purchased a nice pine wreath. I hung it on my door so at least I look like I’m in the Christmas spirit just as deeply as everyone around me.

So there!

How about you?
Did you do any decorations in your home for Christmas? Do you normally do more indoor or outdoor decorations?

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  • Our tree went up about two weeks ago. It’s prelit, so it was semi-festive even without decorations. Yesterday, we hauled out the boxes and hung about half our total number of ornaments on the tree, and put garland up. I also got out the Christmas candle and the creche. That’s it for this year for us. We’ll make a few more cookies this afternoon (for Santa) and hang the kid’s stocking. I didn’t search for the other stockings, so our Santa gifts will just sit on the hearth under the single stocking. 

    Usually we have a wreath, but not this year. Some years we have balsam garland on the porch, but not this year. We didn’t even sent Christmas cards this year.
    And y’know what: Christmas will still come, and go. We’ll go to church tonight. That’s the most important thing after all.

  • This year I went with my partner to his mom’s house in the remote Wisconsin wilderness. For the first time in my life, I was involved in trekking through snow in search of the perfect tree to saw down and take home. What an exciting tradition! I helped decorate it, too. Although Christmas isn’t my holiday, it was still a lot of fun to participate in the tradition.

  • This is the first year that we have no children living full-time at home (although my youngest is home from school for the holiday) so I didn’t get around to putting up the tree or anything else for that matter.  My daughter and I were going to put up the tree on Saturday, but my daughter has taken ill so we haven’t gotten to it.  I’m going to take home the mini tree I have decorating my work area and put that up. It doesn’t seem worth the effort to put up the full-sized tree at this point. Maybe it’ll cheer up my daughter. 
    We used to put up a lot of lights and outdoor decorations but one year we had someone steal a lot of our decorations off our porch so we soured on that idea.  One of these years I think we’ll do that again but we’ll also be putting up a camera or two to deter theft.  Sad that we have to think of that, isn’t it?

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