Diet Time

Summer means different things to different people.

For me, one of the things it means is watching people head to pools, strip down to their swimsuits and enjoy a day in the sun.

Notice I said watching.

I need to get into shape. I’ve needed to get into shape for a while now. I made a lot of progress last year, losing about 35 pounds. I still wasn’t in shape…the only six-pack that has been visible anywhere near my midsection is the Diet Coke I carry in from the store.

But I was also hit with a major case of anxiety last year, and it derailed my dieting and exercise efforts. I need to get back into the swing of that. Hopefully, I’ll have some diet progress to mention as well from time to time.

Notice I said hopefully.


  1. Patrick,

    you may want to look at some of your anxiety meds as part of the reason for not losing weight or weight gain–some of them do terrible things to weight.

    After having 2 surgeries in 2 years I understand the trepidation about working out after surgery. I think the only reason I go is because the accupuncturist holds me accountable for going–as does my therapist.

    It was the same thing with weightwatchers–I only lost weight because people were watching. I can’t bring myself to go back to weight watchers now–people who only have to lost 15 or 20 pounds make me crazy–no offense to anyone–but please–don’t sit there and ask the fat girl for her dieting secrets when she still has another 70 pounds to lose.

  2. I understand about exercise and aniexty. After I broke my back I was terrified that I would do more damage by exercising. Since I had no insurance at the time, I had to deal with the problems on my own.

  3. Good question, Wil.

    When the anxiety hit me, I was convinced that I had some kind of terrible muscular disease. (I actually had a pinched nerve which surgery has since repaired.) I was nervous about exercising and so I stopped. I had trouble motivating myself to get going again, so I didn’t. I tried to eat the “right” foods, but often found myself consuming a lot of comfort food. So the anxiety, more than anything else, just made me lose focus on trying to get in shape. And for me, exercise is the kind of thing that I MUST stay focused on to have any hope of actually doing it.

  4. While I wish you the best of luck and hope you make good, steady progress towards your goals, I can’t help but wonder what the logical nexus is between not dieting, exercise and your anxiety attacks. Do you binge on food or spirits? Are you paralyzed with trepidation at the foot of the treadmill?

    Just nosiness, I guess. But, honestly my friend, I am trying to understand.

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