Disappearing From Store Shelves

As if the Celebrex controversy wasn’t enough for them, Pfizer is now dealing with another problem, this time regarding Listerine: correcting a claim that some probably suspected was bogus to begin with!

According to the Associated Press, (via Yahoo) Pfizer will spend $2 million to replace advertising a judge called “misleading.”

About 4,000 workers will be dispatched across the country to place stickers over the claim on Listerine bottles that using the antiseptic product is as effective to preventing plaque and gingivitis as flossing. The company is also pulling print and media ads that make the same claim. Did anyone really believe that was true?

I find it a rather amusing picture: imagine walking down the health and beauty aisle and suddenly being surrounded by a labcoat-clad militia, armed with stickers. They quickly spring to action near the mouthwash, to help insure you’ll have healthier teeth and gums.

Even with the rapid response team, Pfizer faces another legal threat from Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil-PPC Inc., whose claim to fame is the dental floss the “misleading” ads may have harmed.

Dentists everywhere must be rejoicing. Maybe this is a good week to try to make an appointment: you know, if you want to try to catch yours in a good mood?

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