Dog Saves Home, Police Name Him A Hero

Here’s a great story out of Alaska, and part of what makes it great is that it has absolutely nothing to do with Sarah Palin.

What makes it even better is that it involves the incredible accomplishment of a dog.&nbsp  What more could you ask for on a Friday?

KTUU-TV reports that a German Shepherd named Buddy led an Alaska State Trooper through winding roads to his owner’s home after a heater ignited a fire. The trooper was then able to do likewise for firefighters.

The dog’s owner had simply told Buddy, “we need to get help.” The dog, apparently, took matters into his own hands at that point.

Buddy’s getting a special silver-plated, engraved dog bowl today for his efforts. There’s video with dashcam footage of Buddy pulling off his Lassie-style rescue at the link, here.

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  • I don’t know … Buddy’s owner was standing near to the Alaska SP Commandant while he was reading his remarks, sans steel bracelets. I suspect it may have been nothing worse than mixing some thinner into paint. Glad they both got out alive. Did you catch the part where the owner had actually left the dog inside the burning garage because he was on fire and needed to extinguish his clothing?

    Damned fool.

    Still, no mention of anything illegal in anything I read or listened to or watched. Just a fire, like some 415,000 fires that occur in the USA each year.

  • More proof that we’d all be better off if dogs were running the world.

    I too am a little concerned about the habits of Buddy’s owner, but…Buddy’s still a great dog. And a better human being. 😉

  • Great story, until I got to the part about how the dog’s owner was mixing “chemicals” in the family “workshop.” Are we talking about a meth lab? Hey, it’s Alaska.

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