Double Booking


This week’s Monday’s Morals question asked about a scenario I found myself in several years ago.&nbsp  I was essentially accused of “double booking” with two of my friends.

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“Friend A” invited me over to his house to hang out for the afternoon.&nbsp  I had already made plans for later in the evening to go see a movie with “Friend B.”&nbsp  I told “A” of this before accepting his invitation, even knowing that “A” seemed jealous of “B.”&nbsp  I didn’t want there to be a problem.

Perhaps I should have known better.

While I was hanging out with “A,” I did check my watch a few times.&nbsp  Note that I said “a few.”&nbsp  No more than three times in about seven hours.&nbsp  But if he’d suggest watching a movie, or going up the road to a stable where his wife had her horse, I naturally wanted to have an idea of how much time we’d have.

Though he never mentioned it until a month or so later, this highly offended him.&nbsp  He accused me of “double booking” on him.

Something I never understood, since I told him before I agreed to come over that I had other plans for that evening.&nbsp  I think he wanted me to end up cancelling on “B.”&nbsp  But I wouldn’t have done that, and he certainly wouldn’t have wanted that if he’d been “B.”

Needless to say, we went our separate ways not long after that.&nbsp  It still bothers me.&nbsp  But it doesn’t bother me enough to pretend that I think I was in the wrong when I know I wasn’t.

So at least that’s something.

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  • Warning Bells! When a friend makes it seem like you have to choose between him/her and another person…RUN!

    This is the advice I give my junior high school self all the time. Actually, it comes up in youth group all the time. Classic sign of a control freak/potential abuser. I’m very glad this relationship dissolved on you!

    • I wasn’t at the time, but I see now that it was for the best. Ironically, “Friend B” never seemed to mind if I already had plans with “A” and never acted like it was a problem for me to actually have more than one friend. That should have tipped me off, too.

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