Ever Heard of the 52-Week Money Challenge?

Towards the end of last year, I started seeing posts about a 52-week Money Challenge. Did you see them?

At the time I am posting this, we are in the sixth week of 2015. If you were participating in the 52-week Money Challenge, and were faithful about setting aside the right amount of money each week, you’d have saved a whopping $21 so far.

No, I agree with you: it doesn’t sound like much.

But a year lasts a long time, and the premise of this savings plan relies on that time (and some dedication and patience) to see a big result by week 52.

It works this way: each week of the year, you deposit an amount of money equal to the number of weeks of the year you’re up to. So during the first week of the year, you deposit a dollar. During the second week, you deposit $2.

By the fourth week of January, when you’re depositing your $4, you’ve saved $10.

From this point, the numbers really start growing. The end of March comes during week 14, at which point you will have built up $100. It’s nice to see that third digit pop in, isn’t it?

But hang on…it gets even better.

By Mid-June, you’re up to $300, saving twenty-something bucks a week. By week 32, the first full week of August, you’ve hit $500. Then comes week 45, which is the first full week of November. At that point, you’ve crossed the $1,000 line, and you still have more than a month to go!

On December 31, if you’ve faithfully made each week’s deposit, you have $1,378 to show for your efforts, which can either buy you something nice, pay off a good size Christmas bill, or stay put in the bank to use as a foundation for 2016’s weekly challenge.

If your budget by year’s end looks like mine, it may seem next to impossible being able to part with more than $40 per week. If you were stop short, say, at the end of third quarter, you’d still finish the challenge with more than $800, and that could be a great Christmas Club-style saving effort.

If that’s still a stretch, $10 per week would let you end the year (assuming you go back and start with week one and catch yourself up) with $520.

I wouldn’t scoff if someone wanted to hand me $500!

Is this something you’d consider for your savings? Have you ever tried anything like this?


  1. I’ve never heard of this or tried anything like it, but I do like the sound of it. Maybe this or something like it would be worth a try. I sure would not mind being able to buy my next Mac with cash.

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