First Shots of the War in Texas?


Interesting. So it’s not appropriate for me to question whether Cindy Sheehan might be approaching anything in the way of a meltdown under the dual pressure of having lost a son and being turned into the “human face” of the War on Iraq? I should leave the poor woman alone, because she has every right to do what she feels she must to accomplish her goal, as long as she doesn’t break the law.

Let’s see how far that logic goes, shall we?

One of Bush’s neighbors, apparently fed up with traffic problems and headaches associated with Sheehan’s rally, fired his shotgun into the air twice while Sheehan’s group was holding a prayer rally, according to the Associated Press.

The neighbor says he initially supported Cindy’s protest, but as it has gotten bigger and bigger, probably including news vehicles who must be coincidentally vacationing in Texas since the news media never “does its job” and never bothers to cover the “anti-war message” at all.

Secret Service agents rushed to the neighbor’s property but did not arrest him. He claims he was preparing for dove hunting season. When asked if he had an ulterior motive in firing the shots, he reportedly answered, “Figure it out for yourself.”

He didn’t fire his gun at anyone. And, as some have said, it is Texas, which is Bush country and gun country.

So I guess no one could possibly wonder whether the situation there could be putting him or any other neighbor who might pull a similar stunt on the verge of a meltdown, either…right?

It’s Cindy’s right to say whatever she wants, and this guy’s right to fire shots into the air while war protestors celebrate a religious service, and that’s just fine. There can be time restrictions placed on how long a grieving mother can speak her mind and thumb her nose at the Administration; therefore, there can be no time restrictions placed on how long neighbors have to feign happiness about the extra attention their part of town is getting or any added inconvenience they feel they’re having to endure since they have no control of who their neighbors are.

Both people are within their rights as Americans, yes?

(Does anyone really believe that?)

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