First Time in a Decade

Snow isn’t something you see all that often in Charleston, South Carolina. In fact, the last time snow of any significant accumulation fell here was back in January of 2000.

It looks like there’s at least an inch of accumulation so far. The forecasts call for the snow to continue overnight and into the morning, so we could wind up with up to four inches before it’s over.

That depends, of course, on how long it takes this system to move out.

Meanwhile, when I emailed some scripts to my announcer this afternoon, I mentioned the possibility of snow making everyone around here crazy; he said to be glad it was only four inches we were facing: he’s up in snow-blanketed Pennsylvania, and tells me that a snowdrift in a parking lot he passed there is nearly as high as the light poles are.

It’s all about perspective.

I’ll post some pictures tomorrow when I have daylight to work with.

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  1. WIS reported 7″ from CAE official last night, and the Today Show graphic just now showed 8.6″. Fifth largest fall ever if those numbers hold up, probably most since my family moved here in ’75. Going out to take photos before the kids work their special magic 🙂

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