Floss Picks: Please Leave Home Without Them!

I don’t know why or how it became fashionable to use floss picks in public, but it’s time this little custom disappeared.

Sometimes, I just don’t know what’s wrong with people. I mean, really, where’s the home training?

You may have heard of “floss picks.” They’re those little plastic things that have a pointed pick at one end and two arms that hold a small line of dental floss at the other. For those of us who have teeth that are sometimes difficult to get floss between, they can make flossing much easier.

But flossing, just like picking your teeth, is something that’s meant to be done alone. When you’re in your bathroom, before you brush your teeth and either retire for the night or head out of the house. (Yes, you floss before brushing to help polish away any material you’ve just freed from between your teeth…but that’s another post for another day.)

In any case, this little invention is a great help for those of us who might otherwise be less likely to floss, hoping a good toothbrush and WaterPic might otherwise be enough. But like I said, this little invention is a great help when you’re using it at home where it belongs.

Last night, I was walking out of the grocery store and there, in the parking lot, on the ground, was a used floss pick.

Two questions immediately came to mind.

I first wondered who’d be crass enough to walk around picking their teeth with one of these little things in public, as if any other human being in the world (with the possible though unlikely exception of their dentist) would want to see such a site. It’s not pretty. It’s not a nice thing to watch. We’re not meant to see everything involving bodily functions, you know. There are some things that belong in other people’s imagination!

I then wondered how someone could then be so over-the-top crass that they’d not only do such a thing in public, but then toss the used floss pick on the ground for someone else to have to look at or even step on. They’re made of plastic: they’re not biodegradable. It’s not the kind of thing, for that reason alone, that should be tossed on the ground. But for sanitary reasons, it’s not the kind of thing that should be tossed on the ground at all.

So please, do the rest of us a favor: take care of your dental hygiene at home or in a restroom. Don’t pick your teeth — or floss them — in public.

No one wants to see that.

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