Following a Passion

Over the weekend, I did something I thought I might never do: I attended a one-on-one photography workshop with a local professional photographer to learn more about portrait photography and specifically about natural lighting.

He arranged for a model to meet us, so it was the first time (other than in my real job when I’m directing talent) that I worked with a model in still photography. During the course of the shoot, Jeff asked the model to take off his shirt.  This guy works in a gym, and my gut reaction was that I should never eat again!  (I don’t even think that would help in my case!)

The photographer, Jeffrey Scott, has an impressive portfolio and does some amazing shots considering that he prefers to work with sunlight as his primary light source. If you know anything about photography, you probably know that this isn’t always the easiest way to work, so I knew I was going to learn a good deal.

I learned a lot more than I expected to. I had actually gone in thinking that I’d use a good bit of the camera’s automatic settings. I don’t like to rely on auto-focus; I like to focus on my own. But I was willing to give up control of things like shutter speed if necessary because I was really interested in learning a new lens and concentrating on framing and shot composition.

He gave me a lot of pointers from location to location, suggested good guidelines I could work with in terms of aperture and shutter speed and before I knew it, I was in manual mode! I got some shots I was really proud of, and the model was great to work with. He has just enough experience that he was comfortable with us quickly and didn’t require a great deal of direction.

You can see a sampling of the shots I came up with on the new My Photography page. Just click that tab at the very top of this page and you’ll see a gallery of images. Please check back there often because I’ll be adding to it as often as I can.

So what’s your secret passion that you’d like to learn more about and do more of? And what’s stopping you from taking that next step?

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