Go Ahead, Have More Coffee: It’s Good For You!

Two new studies have found that having more coffee might just help you live longer, so it might be okay to get your caffeine fix after all.

First things first: consult with your doctor before you make any significant changes to how much coffee you drink.

That said, if you love your coffee and feel like it might have been time to cut down, there are two studies you should at least consider.

CNN reported that one of the studies surveyed a whopping 520,000 people across 10 European countries, making it the largest study to date on coffee and mortality. The second study focused on non-white populations, including African-Americans, Native Americans, Hawaiians, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and whites.

But the findings were the same.

The two new studies don’t show an actual cause that could explain why coffee could prolong one’s life, but researchers seem to think there’s a correlation between drinking two to four cups of coffee per day and living a longer life.

Previous research studies have found a correlation between coffee and a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, and several types of cancer.

When my mom’s mother was alive, she brewed coffee with a percolator. If you don’t recall what that is, let me put it this way: it could brew coffee strong enough to walk to your coffee cup. She was a seamstress in her later years and kept a cup and saucer at the corner of her sewing machine. She drank coffee all day. She claimed that she would brew coffee in a 40-cup percolator and would finish the amount she brewed by the end of the day.

I honestly don’t think she actually brewed 40 cups of coffee a day; I certainly don’t think she actually consumed that much. But I do think it’s possible she had eight to 10 cups of coffee every day.

And yet every afternoon, she’d go lie down for a half-hour nap.

I’ve always believed I got my “caffeine immunity” from her. I’m the kind of guy who can actually sit on the sofa in front of the television or the laptop and wind down with a nice cup of coffee, and I never drink decaf.

As a general rule, I drink between two and four cups of coffee per day. Mine is usually made from a Keurig, not a percolator. I’m not that brave.

If coffee doesn’t help me live longer, when I get to heaven, I’m tracking down Maxwell House’s “Cora” and Folger’s “Mrs. Olson” to have a serious discussion with them!

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? Does the caffeine affect you?

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