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Host Undergoes Amazing Makeover

You’ll see much less of Drew Carey this season on The Price is Right, the show’s 39th.

Not because he’s being replaced by another host, but because there’s literally a lot less of him to see.  Since January, the 52-year old host has managed to do what some of us have lately only dreamed of doing:  he’s shed a whopping 80 pounds.

There are two main reasons for his commitment to shedding the excess weight:  his health and, perhaps, a little vanity.  Carey told CNN that he suffered from Type-2 Diabetes, a common illness associated with obesity.  Now that he’s dropped from size 44 pants to size 34, his diabetes is gone, along with his need for medication.

He also said that he got tired of seeing himself on camera with the extra pounds.

His diet of choice?  A modified Adkins-type plan with no carbs at all, egg whites for breakfast, Greek yogurt and fruit, and grilled chicken for dinner with steamed veggies.  And lots and lots of water, replacing coffee, tea and soda.

And cardio: about 45 minutes of it a day.  That’s enough to make me depressed enough to eat.

The new season of The Price is Right (and the new Drew Carey) are slated to make their debut on September 20th on CBS.

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