How’d You Like to Work (and Live) in the Oval Office?

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A huge home that recently went up for sale in Ohio features, of all things, a replica of the Oval Office as part of its floor plan!

If you’ve ever dreamed of working in the Oval Office, here’s your chance.

Of course, you wouldn’t be working as the President of the United States. Instead, it would have to be more of a work-at-home project. posted a home in Ohio that recently went up for sale. But this home definitely has something unique: a detailed replica of the Chief Executive’s office.

The 10,000-square-foot home — Wow! — can be found in Kirtland Hills, Ohio.

The house touts six bedrooms, five bathrooms, and three half-baths, the site states. You can find it in a neighborhood called The Sanctuary on a 5-acre lot about 40 minutes away from Cleveland.

But the real talking point about this house is tucked away in the attic. The site states history buffs own the home. They must be serious history buffs because they created a replica Oval Office involving three U.S. Presidents.

The first is Gerald R. Ford. The homeowners visited Ford’s presidential library in Grand Rapid, Michigan, to make detailed notes about the replica office there. The library staffers apparently allowed them a unique level of access to take measurements. The listing agents say they then constructed their own version and decorated it with a mix of George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s touches.

The rest of the house, though, certainly looks worth of a presidential visit. With 10,000 square feet, there’s more than enough room for about anything you can think of when you’re tired of playing president for the day.

Check out the full listing, with lots of photos, here.

If you had the money to spend, how’d you like to have the Oval Office in your home?

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