Hundreds of Dogs Sick with Canine Flu


A canine flu outbreak in the Midwest has veterinarians urging pet owners to prevent their dogs from coming into contact with dogs they don’t know.

Two strains of canine influenza, or dog flu, are now circulating in the Midwest.

The first, a more familiar strain, as dog flu strains go, H3N8, has been joined by a new strain that’s known as H3N2, The Wisconsin State Journal reports.

“There is cause for concern, definitely, but we really don’t know how worrisome it is until we get more scientific information back,”&nbsp a case outreach coordinator at the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory says.

He had me at, “there is cause for concern, definitely.”

Researchers say canine influence can cause death in dogs, but typically only in about five percent or less. That doesn’t sound like much unless your dog gets sick and could thereby become part of that five percent.

The Associated Press reported at least 1,000 dogs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana

But since there’s such limited information available, the best many vets are able to do so far is to offer commonsense tips for prevention, which include preventing nose-to-nose contact or keeping dogs leashed inside dog parks.

Normally, I wouldn’t be quite as concerned if it was just confined to the Midwest, since I’m not in the Midwest.

But CBS News reported one case has been identified in Georgia, my neighboring state. That’s enough to make me worry.

Plus, while no one seems to think this dog flu will affect humans, we can pick up the flu strain from a sick dog, then take it home to our dog.

That’s enough to scare any dog owner.

Would you be less likely to take your dog to a dog park even if you don’t live in an affected area because of this outbreak?

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