I Survived Hurricane Dorian! Where’s My T-Shirt?


Hurricane Dorian has come and gone from the South Carolina coastline and after a stressful few days, things are calming down.

Hurricane Dorian decided it would not make landfall in South Carolina. It did, however, get close enough to the coast as it skirted toward North Carolina to for possible landfall. Some debate remains, last I heard, about whether it actually made landfall based on where the exact center of the storm was.

But if North Carolina wants to claim landfall, as far as I’m concerned, they can have it!

I lost power for the better part of two days. That means I’ll make a major grocery run later today to replace the contents of the refrigerator and most of what was in the freezer. 

But I consider myself lucky since that’s the extent of the “damage” I suffered.

The Collie is happy again because he spent last night with me at home with air conditioning. I actually took him to work with me for the worst of the storm. Policy required all of the dogs to be sequestered in a storeroom. 

He wasn’t pleased about that, but all in all, he adapted very well to the situation. I’ve often observed how well dogs adapt to things compared with their human owners.

There are times I wish we could be more like them.

When I first went home long enough to have a look at the damage in my neighborhood, I saw downed trees and a carpet of leaves and limbs on roads and sidewalks.

And I also saw one tree in particular that had once again done her part in protecting neighbors.

I call it “The Catcher” because it has stopped falling trees from striking homes. I think this is the third time it stopped a tree from hitting a building in my neighborhood. It’s at least the second.

I’m not a fan of hurricanes. I’m not a fan of hurricane season.

It would not bother me if hurricanes would just spin out into the middle of the ocean more often.

Editor’s Note: I wrote this post on Saturday and place it in Friday’s slot. I’ll post what I originally intended to publish Friday at a later date.

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