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I Survived Snowmageddon


Last Updated on August 27, 2017

Well that didn’t last long.

There was probably close to two inches of snow here in Charleston when I got up this morning. It was really beautiful, and it reminded me of those rare occasions when I was little where there was enough snow the night before that you walk outside and see everything familiar completely transformed into, pardon the cliché, a “winter wonderland.”

On the other hand, my dog wasn’t particularly excited: to her, it just means that her feet get wet and she’s not a fan of that. No, she’s not spoiled at all.

Here, after the jump, are a few pictures of what it looked like this morning.

Just a few hours later of sunshine, most of the snow is gone.

Note the marshy puddle in the lower left of the first pic…now there’s much more of that in the snow’s place.

I’m glad I was able to get a few shots before it melted. I certainly wouldn’t want to wait another 10 years!

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  • Very majestic. It is like that a lot in the winter in IL. I also grew up in a very wooded area…seriously someone counts the trees, you can’t cut one down without getting permission! It is very beautiful in the fall & winter & I miss it so much.

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