Important Advice: Please Don’t Reuse Condoms!

The Centers for Disease Control released important guidance last week, urging people not to reuse condoms after a sexual encounter.

Who in the world would reuse condoms? Apparently, some do…because the CDC warned against the practice.

The Huffington Post suggests it may be because times are tougher and money is tighter.

Maybe that’s it.

Or, maybe it’s more about people just not having enough common sense to know something that ought to be spectacularly clear.

In either case, the mental image such guidance creates is beyond disturbing.

I’d love to assume that maybe it was all a joke. But the CDC released this tweet through its CSC STD Twitter account Thursday:

The CNN headline said it quite well: “Yes, there are people who wash and reuse condoms. And the CDC wants them to stop.”

CNN went on to quote an epidemiologist who further explained that the misuse of condoms could lead to them being less effective.

How, exactly, does one expect to “clean” a condom effectively enough to assume it’s safe and sanitary? And what must that even look like? Can you imagine taking a break between sex acts, picking up the used condom and saying something along the lines of, “Excuse me while I go wash out a few things?”

Talk about a walk of shame!

As I’m sure you can imagine, the tweeted responses to this message are hilarious, though, if taken any other way as tongue in cheek, are considerably more disturbing.

I’m reminded of an old line one of uncles told me of a woman he once saw acting in a manner he thought was a bit too “slutty:” “She’s the kind who’d get something on you Ajax won’t take off.”

Apologies to Ajax, but the comment still cracks me up all these years later.

Anyone who’d rinse out and reuse a condom might well be one of those folks.

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