The Interstate Exit Sign Lifehack

Don’t you hate it when you realize you’re in the wrong lane for the interstate exit you need? If you know the interstate exit sign secret, it won’t happen!

It’s amazing the little tidbits of information one learns these days, particularly when they relate to non-tech things.

Take the typical interstate sign, as depicted in the accompanying image. (Other examples at Lifehacker, here.)

First, for those of you who are curious about the actual exit number, it’s not a misprint. I did a little research, and it turns out that this sign would almost have to be along Interstate 110, and exit 1I — that’s the number one and the letter I — is one of the exits to get onto Interstate 10.

But notice the positioning of that small sign for Exit 1I: it’s to the left of the larger sign. Why is that?

It turns out, at some point along the way, and this little lifehack works most of the time, the positioning of the smaller sign indicates the lane you should be in to take that particular exit.

So if you need to be in the right lane, the small exit number sign will be on the right side of the larger sign. If you need to be in the left lane to take the exit, the exit number sign will appear as it does in this image: on the left side of the larger sign.

I had never heard of this little trick before. So now I’m actually watching for it to see how consistent it actually is.

If you’re traveling in a new place, it can at least help you be more prepared so that you’re less likely to miss an important exit, only to find yourself having to double-back to it once you realize you’re in the wrong lane and can’t get over.

Had you ever heard of this, or am I the only one who missed this memo?

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