Is Your Milk Spoiling Before the Expiration Date?


When do you notice your milk spoiling these days? It seems as if it’s happening before the expiration date passes.

I poured myself a cup of coffee. I can’t drink coffee black; I think it needs all the help it can get. But since I’d run out of the creamer I typically use, I reached for the milk. I quickly noticed yet another example of milk spoiling before it was supposed to.

The expiration date on the gallon of regular milk I purchased showed the following day. But when I poured it into my coffee, I saw little white particles indicating curdled milk floating in the top of my coffee mug.

That’s no way to drink coffee.

Am I doing something wrong?

If you search “milk spoiling” on Google, you’ll find plenty of articles. I learned, for instance, that the refrigerator door is the worst place to store a gallon or half-gallon of milk. The jug may be a perfect fit for the shelves on the door, but the temperature can cause problems.


But I don’t store milk in my refrigerator door.

I also learned that the ideal place to store milk is on a medium or low shelf. You remember that warm air rises, right? That’s true even in a refrigerator.

Also interesting.

But the refrigerator in my new place has a large shelf for things like milk slightly above the mid-way mark. There’s no shelf toward the bottom or middle where a gallon of milk can possibly fit.

I have a hard time believing that’s all it is.

It seems like something has changed in the last six months or so. I can’t pinpoint it. But I haven’t changed brands and I haven’t changed how I store milk in the fridge.

The only thing that seems to be different is how quickly I notice the milk spoiling — or at least beginning to spoil — after I open it.

Some suggest I should just go “organic.” Milk costs enough as it is. I’m more likely to buy it by the half-gallon so there’s less to pour out (and less money to waste) than to spend more to avoid a problem that shouldn’t exist to begin with.

As for other types of “milk,” I haven’t been able to embrace the idea of things like almond milk. I can’t even wrap my brain around the notion of trying to milk an almond!

Is your milk spoiling faster than it used to? Any ideas?

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  1. At Costco a gallon of milk ALWAYS lasts us at least three weeks. There are just two of us, and if I buy milk anywhere else, I get two 1/2 gallons. Walmart milk seems to spoil too quickly, but by getting 2 halves, it lasts us. Milk doesn’t seem to start spoiling until you open it, so 2 half-gallons usually works for us. If we have some that’s been around awhile, I’ll often make potato soup or gravy to help use it up. I always look at the date on the milk and fish around to get the furthest date.

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