Junk Mail Doesn’t Make Spring Cleaning Easy


The sheer volume of junk mail I get on a weekly basis is nothing short of a nightmare, especially when it’s time to clean.

I spent a good part of the day recently going through months of old mail, throwing away important papers that were no longer important and disposing of various credit card and loan offers in which I had no interest.

The problem these days is that disposing of such mail pretty much requires shredding it into cross-cut pieces only slightly larger than confetti.

From old bank statements to credit card applications to convenience checks, it’s not only the envelope or cover letter that has your name and potentially other identifying information. Sometimes that information is on every single page of a mailing.

My poor paper shredder temporarily overheated at one point from shredding so many pieces of old mail; it shut itself down for about fifteen minutes before resuming the job.

About 95% of the mail I get is unnecessary: most of my bills are handled through my bank’s online billing system, so I can log on securely and handle such tasks without having to wait on a paper bill to arrive.

The U.S. Postal Service has consistently been in the red as transportation and labor costs have increased while the volume of mail being delivered has decreased.

Far be it from me to put the postal service out of business, but maybe if there were less junk mail to deliver, they could enjoy lower transportation costs and break even.

I know I wouldn’t mind receiving less junk mail.

I suspect my shredder wouldn’t mind, either.

How much junk mail do you receive? Have you had much success with asking to be taken off a mailing list?

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  1. I hear you about the junk mail! It sure can pile up quickly!
    I’ve made myself shred it as soon as I get it so it doesn’t pile up. If I don’t, I end up with the nightmare you went through recently.

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