Just Back Off! My Bad Mood’s Good for Me!


A new study in Australia suggests that bad moods can actually be good for you.

It also finds that people who tend to be more sad are less gullible and have a greater ability to discern other people’s character. Being sad also boosts memory, the study suggests.

Way FM, a Christian radio affiliate in Charleston, posed an interesting question yesterday: knowing the information above, and that being happy is associated with being more gullible and a somewhat worse to see through to the “real” person, would you rather be happy or sad?

I tend to be, by nature, far into the “sad” column. No, I don’t need some giant group hug. Bah! Humbug. It’s just how I am. And I’ve found that at least for me, the study is pretty accurate: I do have an excellent memory — too good, sometimes — and I am a pretty good judge of character when it comes to people close to me. I am rarely let down by close friends because I generally see warning signs of trouble early on.

I have a few friends who are generally happy, and I can see that there are times when they might be more apt to trust too easily, leading them to be hurt a little more easily.

That makes me sad to think my friends could be hurt. But then according to the study, that’s a good thing, too.

Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to happy people: so I can worry. And stay sad.

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