List Ranks Top Dog Breeds that Like People More Than Dogs

I ran across a list of top dog breeds with a twist: this list focused on dogs that seem to like people more than other dogs.

As a dog lover, whenever I see a list related to ranking top dog breeds in one way or another, I have to have a look.

Since dogs are pack animals, most breeds seem to like other dogs. That’s only natural.

But some dogs seem to prefer their human companions at least as much. Sometimes even more.

This list ranked the 10 breeds for which liking people more certainly seems the norm. As I browsed the list, I found many breeds I like.

Growing up, we had several different breeds of dogs at different points. Poodles made the list and that was no surprise. The poodles my mom had over the years were definitely sweet dogs that loved their people.

The German Shepherd wasn’t a surprise, either, even though we’ve never owned one. The breed had a reputation for definitely being loyal to their masters.

But I kept scrolling down the list toward the number one pick wondering how my favorite breed, the Rough Collie (perhaps better known as the “Lassie” dog) would fare.

It fared very well.

In fact, the Rough Collie was in first place among top dog breeds that like people more than they like their own kind.

As a longtime Collie owner, I can certainly vouch for that.

My Collie loves other dogs — as long as their friendly, of course. But when I walk him, he always seems happier to meet people, whether they’re walking their own dogs or not. In fact, when he meets a person walking a dog, he and the dog naturally check each other out, but he makes a point of greeting the owner and returning to the owner for a bit of petting regularly, no matter how hard the dog tries for his attention.

He latched onto me almost the moment I picked up and looked him in the eyes when I first met him to bring him home. Though I’ve had Collies before, this one bonded with me in just seconds.

It’s just one of the reasons I like the Rough Collie so much.

If you don’t mind a lot of dog hair — no, really, I mean a lot of dog hair — it might just be the best dog you’ve ever shared a home with!

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  1. This only makes sense. After all, I know some people who seem to care more about their dogs than they do other people. 🙂

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