Lottery Players Better Off Letting Machine Pick Winning Numbers


Everyone reading this post has something in common: we didn’t pick the winning numbers to claim that huge Powerball jackpot on Wednesday.

The sixth-largest Powerball jackpot in history slipped through your fingers. Just imagine what you could have done with slightly more than a half-billion — billion…with a b.

There’s a bright side to this mass failure to win: the Powerball jackpot will now jump to an estimated $675 million, the largest jackpot in history:

For many people, that means they’ll pull out their little piece of paper on which they’ve scribbled a carefully-selected list of numbers, based on birthdays, street addresses, wedding dates, the number of children or siblings they have, or any of the other myriad personal details that might inspire a “lucky” number.

Thinking their lucky numbers will eventually be Powerball’s winning numbers, they’ll fill out a new set of lottery tickets hoping this drawing will be the drawing.

But ABC News reports at least 70% of past winners went the “Quick Pick” route, allowing the compuer to randomly select their numbers. It’s not difficult to conclude from that statistic that you have a much better chance of winning if you abandon those lucky numbers.

That makes perfect sense to me.

The actual winning numbers will be randomly selected.

If you allow the computer to pick the numbers for you, the only thing that has to happen for you to take home that lottery jackpot is that your random numbers must match theirs.

If you play with your own “lucky” numbers, based on numbers that are of personal significance to you, two things must happen: your numbers must still match theirs, but, by additional coincidence, those winning numbers would also have to be significant to the very events of your life you selected to build your set of numbers.

If I decide to play for that $675 million, I’ll let the computer do the work and focus my attention on keeping fingers crossed.

And on the way home, I’ll try to watch for bolts of lightning or random falling asteroids, things I’m more likely to be hit with than a winning Powerball ticket.

Good luck to us all!


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  3. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t at some time or another dreamt of winning some insane amount of money. And here is the operative word: insane.
    I’ve seen more than one documentary about families who won some outrageous sum of money. To a single one, none of this turned out well. Suddenly all kinds of “friends” and “relatives” came out of the woodwork, looking for some of this and some of that. The family themselves spent an incredible sum of money (a lot of it on truly strange and foolish thins), and in a short time (anywhere from less than a year to five years) blew it all.
    There were a couple of documentaries about families won staggering sums of money (you should down for this) more than ONCE and lost it all – both bloody times! Good gods above?! Learn to say no, and put it into investments – and have the investment broker heavily vetted, background checks, speak to other wealthy clients – do whatever it takes to be sure this person won’t do you an injustice by siphoning off your gains into his own pockets or poor investments!
    It is shocking to think that so many people get hurt by the system and their friends and family. It’s one thing to help out a very close relative who has fallen on difficult times and is in arrears; for that person, I might pay off their arrears, but not by giving the relative any of it, but to give it to the owed party directly. I would also make it very clear to the family member that this is it: a one-time only bail out.
    The rest goes into investments/savings. If I purchase anything, it might be another Acura (mine’s old now). I wouldn’t purchase another house, but I would have some minor work done in this one: the kitchen and two upstairs bathrooms need work – but not all at once.
    Not another penny would be spent.
    Too many life-lessons out there.

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