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Man Shames Panhandlers Who Turned Down Work

A pair of panhandlers got a dose of their own medicine when they turned down a job offer.

As a country, while we know there are too many people who fall below the poverty line, we have little patience when it comes to seeing those people.

We have even less patience when we see them operating as panhandlers asking for money.

Here in Charleston, an ordinance was passed that prevents drivers from passing items from a car, effectively forcing panhandlers (and people collecting for charities) away from street corners unless they want to face a high fine.

In Iowa, meanwhile, a man claims he saw a pair of young panhandlers at a street corner holding up signs that read, “Broke and hungry.” He told WQAD-TV after seeing them there more than once, he offered them a job:

I said, “You’re hired,’ and they said, ‘We’re not from around here.’ I said, ‘Well, you’re here,’ and then they just smirked and turned around.

So the next time he saw them in that same spot, he decided to stand with them…with a sign of his own.

In a Facebook photo, he’s shown with the two panhandlers he says turned him down, and his sign reads, “Offered these guys a job. They said NO. Don’t give money.”

If the panhandlers are within their Free Speech rights to hold their signs, he’s within his to hold his sign with the intent of “exposing” them. And according to a comment from the Facebook photo, when they left one location, the “shamer” followed them to the next one.

Other comments were overwhelmingly positive and the photo had been shared more than 20,000 times.

How do you feel about this?

Was the man right to “shame” the panhandlers because they turned down his job offer?

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