Monopoly Board Game Pieces Face Another Big Vote


The lineup of Monopoly board game pieces may be in for a shakeup as the game’s maker gives players a chance to select which will change.

It’s time for a friendly game of monopoly. What game piece do you choose?

For me, it’s the dog. The little Scottie dog. It was a piece added to the lineup in the 1950s. If I had to guess, I would suppose that particular breed may have been selected because of the popularity of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Scottish Terrier named Fala. But I haven’t found any definitive proof of such a notion.

But it’s possible the Scottie dog might be put out to pasture.

Every so often, Hasbro allows Monopoly enthusiasts the opportunity to switch things up a bit.

This is one of those times. The Consumerist reports that the current roster of game pieces — the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship, and the cat, (the newest addition) — are all up for elimination.

You can go to this site through January 31 and choose eight tokens you’d like to see in Monopoly’s future. But unlike years past, all of the current pieces could wind up being replaced with newer offerings.

So instead of the familiar dog, or my second favorite, the top hat, or even the thimble, future generations could play Monopoly using items like a sailboat, a dinosaur, a television set, a life preserver, a cell phone or even a pound sign (for hashtags).

Of course, since I went to USC — that’s the University of South Carolina, not to be confused with some college I’ve heard of out in California — I had to select the rooster (well, I consider it a Gamecock, of course) as one of my eight options.

But that little Scottie dog is still in my list. Monopoly wouldn’t be the same without him. (Or is he a she?)

If you had to pick eight Monopoly pieces for the game to feature from now on (and you could keep any of the curent ones), which eight would you choose?

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  1. They have a lot of fun token ideas! I chose 4 new ones and 4 original designs. I, too, like the Scottie dog but I usually choose the top hat to play with or the cat. My list, if I recall correctly (I’ve closed the screen now) is the dog, cat, top hat, thimble, rooster (I work in poultry, after all!), computer, roller skate and the typewriter.

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