Thursday night’s Vice Presidential Debate ended up being the most-watched political debate since 1992 and the most-watched debate of vice presidential candidates ever.

But let’s be realistic:&nbsp  it wasn’t because that much of the electorate was so interested in current affairs:&nbsp  they just wanted to see the train wreck they expected Sarah Palin’s attempt to debate Joe Biden to be.

Listening to clips of her answers, I didn’t have a great deal of trouble seeing the pattern that Comedy Central came up with.&nbsp  Have a look, and a laugh, here.

A friend of mine recently said he’s surprised that so many people who believe Palin isn’t experienced enough to be Vice President would then vote for Barack Obama; I don’t think Palin is too inexperienced to be Vice President.&nbsp  As my friend Linda Hansen pointed out, Palin’s credentials just don’t warrant the praise her supporters are giving them:

The “executive experience as governor” won’t wash. George W. was the “executive” of much larger Texas for much longer–and look where that’s gotten us.

And so it goes.

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