My 10 Best Life Posts of 2018

At this blog, the ‘Life’ category is one that I use as a catch-all for topics that don’t fit elsewhere. Here’s a list of my best life posts of 2018.

I’m continuing a look back at posts from 2018 and today it’s time for a look back at my best life posts.

Here, in no particular order, are posts I think are worth a second look.

1. ‘Sanford’s Parting Shot on Partisan Politics’

After South Carolina’s GOP primary, in which Congressman Mark Sanford lost his chance for re-election, he talked about an unfortunate rising tide in American politics today. His remarks, I thought, were quite eloquent.

Whether you agree with him seems to come down to whether you want a local or state representative who mirrors what the president believes or one who does what he or she thinks is best for the local voters.

2. ‘Both Sides of ‘Take a Knee’ Debate Get It Wrong, Ex-Green Beret Says’

The former Green Beret who inspired NFL player Colin Kaepernick to kneel during the National Anthem in a form of protest decided to speak out about the controversial gesture.

And he said both sides of the controversy are missing a valid point.

3. ‘Ever Heard of “White Coat Syndrome”?’

It’s very real, and my mom was one of those who battled it in 2018. Fortunately, she was able to overcome it.

But here’s what you should know if you aren’t familiar with the term.

4. ‘Angry NRA Fans Join Yeti Cooler Challenge Over Discount’

I couldn’t help treading into these waters when I learned of one of the most useless “boycotts” of the year. (Hint: The people who are “boycotting” already made the company its profits.)

5. ‘When It’s Time for Your Pet’s Final Moments, Be There, Vet Pleads’

This certainly wasn’t an easy topic to write about, but as an animal lover, it was one I thought was definitely worth covering.

I was there for the final moments of my last few pets. It’s not easy…but it’s something I feel I owe them.

6. ‘Things I’m Tired of Hearing After Every School Shooting’

Every time there’s a shooting inside a school, you can count on hearing certain phrases and sayings. In this case, there were four common remarks I’m just tired of hearing because they don’t make sense.

Which of the four annoys you the most?

7. ‘If You’re Not Teaching Employees Common Sense, You’re Not Leading’

Sometimes, a simple trip to the grocery store and an experience that makes you wonder if anyone is still able to think for themselves, is enough to prompt a blog post.

In this case, the whole thing began with a coupon printer that was malfunctioning and just wasting paper left and right.

8. ‘Why Would Anyone Think ‘Contempt of Cop’ is a Good Idea?’

“Every time I see a video of someone disrespecting a police officer — exercising ‘contempt of cop’ — there’s always a question that immediately comes to mind: ‘Why do they think this would end well?’”

That’s how I started this post.

If you honestly believe cops are just looking for a reason to deprive someone of their rights — or even their life — then why would you intentionally try to aggravate them?

9. ‘Can You Legally Break a Window to Save a Dog in a Hot Car?’

Every spring and summer, we hear story after story about people leaving children and animals in a hot car, and many of those result in death.

The answer to the question in the title of the post should always be yes.

But it isn’t.

10. ‘What Would Be Your Answer to the Two Doors Meme?’

You can walk through one of two doors: Behind the red door is the chance to magically go back in time and correct all of your mistakes that you’ve made over your life. Behind the blue door is $10 million in cash you can live on in the future.

Which one would you walk through?

My answer was fairly easy. How about yours?

That’s 10. I hope you’re able to revisit these! Be sure to leave a comment!

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