My 10 Best Life Posts of 2016

With just a few days left in 2016, I decided to go back and review some of my posts. Here are my best life posts of the year.

Here at Patrick’s Place, my posts under the “life” category cover a wide range of topics, so I decided to compose a list of my favorite life posts and hope you enjoy them as well!

1. “It’s Time to Ditch This ‘Not My President’ Foolishness”

At the conclusion of every election, it’s reasonable to assume one side will be pleased and the other side will not be. But we all — no matter how we feel about the man elected to the presidency — need to act like adults.

2. “Here’s Some Great Career Advice from Captain Kirk”

What can you learn from a battle between starships in a fictional universe? It turns out you can gain a great piece of career advice, I wrote. This post, from just a few weeks back, was one I was proud of.

3. “Have We Been Figuring Restaurant Tips Wrong All Along?”

It’s funny what you notice on a restaurant receipt if you actually take the time to look at it. What I found at the end of a meal one day revealed that we may indeed have been figuring up our tips wrong all along.

4. “Sorry, Target Boycott Enthusiasts: I’ll Still Shop There

When Target refused to jump into the transgender bathroom paranoia bandwagon, people began urging a boycott. Here’s why I refused to change my shopping habits.

5. “What Too Few Know About ‘Black Lives Matter’”

Would one simple word added to the phrase “Black Lives Matter” have changed the way non-blacks viewed the movement? Well, it’s an important question but it’s also one that’s being asked a bit too late now. Still, if you know the word that was left off but intended, you might understand why the most likely response is viewed so negatively.

6. “Folks, It’s Really Time to Stop Protesting Starbucks!”

This post came about after angry Trump supporters decided to wage war with the coffee giant because of a perceived slight. But their method of warfare seemed to lack a bit of common sense.

7. “Floss Picks: Please Leave Home Without Them!”

I do not begin to understand why this is even a thing, but honestly, using plastic flossers to clean your teeth in public? Please stop. No, really: stop it. No one wants to see that. Ever.

8. “The Best Power Outage Lifehack I Heard After Matthew”

Sometimes my life posts here at the blog focus on lifehacks, little tricks designed to make your life easier. When Hurricane Matthew hit the Lowcountry of South Carolina in October, I heard a really interesting tip I’d never heard before that could save you money when you know there’s a chance your power will go out.

9. “Merging Traffic: Are We Doing It the Wrong Way?”

Aside from figuring tips wrong (see item #3 above), it seems we’ve been handling merge lanes the wrong way, too. All this time, I’ve gotten frustrated with drivers who zoom past in a lane they know is coming to an end only to then try to force their way into the remaining lane at the last minute. The jerks! (Come on, now, I know I’m not the only one who has thought that!) Get ready for a shock!

10. “Hot Car Deaths Still Happening”

Every year, there are certain news stories we know we’ll be covering. Every year, we try to do a “prevention” story to remind parents not to leave their children unattended in a hot car, to which we generally receive complaints from people arguing we shouldn’t waste our time reporting what should be common sense. Unfortunately, it is not common sense for some.

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