My 10 Favorite Dean Koontz Novels


Dean Koontz is my favorite novelist because of his fast-paced writing and intricate plots. So I decided to post a list of my favorite Dean Koontz novels.

I’m a notoriously slow reader, but when I first picked up a Dean Koontz novel, I was amazed to have found a writer that seemed to write at the pace I had been looking for. Dean Koontz novels have great storytelling, but they’re fast-paced and interesting and keep me wanting to turn the page. And believe me, in my case, that’s an accomplishment.

So here are my favorites of his works.

1. ‘Lightning’

When I was in school, I absolutely hated reading because the books we were assigned never interested me. As a result, I dodged books as often as possible. For some reason, I wanted to find a novel to read and somehow I ended up with this one. It was the first novel I’d read in a long, long time that made me want to keep reading. And it made me want to read more often. This particular story involves time travel but has many surprising twists along the way. It’s definitely worth a read.

2. ‘False Memory’

This tale focuses on a couple whose lives are turned upside down by mental illness in those around them. The woman then starts to suffer mysterious fears and panic episodes of her own, leading them down a trial to the psychiatrist with a very dark, deadly agenda of his own.

3. ‘Tick Tock’

It’s a horror story crossed with a screwball comedy when an Asian-American novelist finds a simple ragdoll on his front step. He brings it into his home — big mistake! — and his life quickly turns upside down. Now he must find the meaning of the doll, survive the horror it unleashes and figure out a way to stop it…but the clock is ticking because “the deadline is dawn.”

4. ‘Fear Nothing’

A man forced to live in the darkness because of a rare genetic skin condition may be the only man who can solve a series of missing children cases. In his case, the cover of darkness may be just the cover he needs to find the children and stop a sinister plot.

5. ‘Intensity’

Kidnapped by a serial killer, Chyna must fight to stay alive and outsmart her would-be killer. But he’s waiting for her at every twist and turn of this “intense” tale. But just when she’s almost able to escape, she learns of a child who’s also his captive and who may be his next victim.

6. ‘Sole Survivor’

A reporter loses his wife and child in a plane crash that killed everyone on board…or so he thinks. A year after the crash, he’s approached by a woman who tells him she was on that flight and is its sole survivor. When she disappears, he must try to find her and track a mysterious secret.

7. ‘Phantoms’

A physician brings her troubled younger sister to live with her for a while in her Colorado ski town. But when they arrive, they make the horrifying discovery that the town is dead, with almost everyone missing and the rest dead. The secret to what happened may lie with a mysterious scientist who has an absolutely outrageous theory about an “ancient enemy.”

8. ‘Cold Fire’

A reporter finds herself taken with a man who always appears to be at the right place at the right time to save lives. As she digs deeper into his story, he begins to remember things long forgotten that might explain his mysterious talent.

9. ‘Strangers’

What amazed me about this novel, which centers on a group of strangers, is that each of the many characters you’re introduced to are well-written enough and unique enough that you remember them. You don’t need to make notes to keep up with who’s who.

10. ‘Watchers’

I think most people who know of Koontz’s work know of this book in particular. It’s about a secret lab and dogs who are used as scientific guinea pigs. When one of the dogs, a Golden Retriever named Einstein escapes, along with a genetically-mutated monster, the race is on to recover both. But Einstein falls into the hands of a man who’s in need of a companion and who’s able to help him elude the monster…and then becomes hunted as well. By the end of the book, you definitely wish you had a dog like Einstein.

This is the one that’s normally at the top of most people’s Dean Koontz list!

That’s my list. If you’re also a fan of his work, I’d love to hear some of yours!

What are your favorite Dean Koontz novels?

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  1. I hope you’ve also read his non-fiction: “A Big Little Life: A Memoir of a Joyful Dog Named Trixie” (2009). This one was super!

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