My 10 Favorite Fruits

Every fall, everyone focuses on the pumpkin, which is commonly called a vegetable. But it’s really a fruit, which got me to thinking about my favorite fruits.

No, the pumpkin doesn’t make my list of favorite fruits because the flavor we tend to associate with pumpkin is more likely coming from a different, less attractive squash.

The big orange pumpkins look good for Halloween, but are less flavorful.

In any case, here are my 10 favorite fruits.

1. Apple

It has nothing to do with my fondness for Apple computers and devices. But the apple is the perfect fruit for snacking, even on the go. You can get all fancy by slicing it (and preserving it with a bit of lemon juice) and carrying with you, or just grabbing an apple and biting right into it. The only waste is the core itself, but given how little of the fruit that makes up, you end up throwing away a bare minimum of the fruit.

I don’t know that it’s true that an apple a day actually does keep a doctor away, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that they can be an important part of a healthy diet.

2. Orange

Oranges are a lot messier than apples, unless you can get your hands on the smaller Clementine variety, which tend to be easier to peel and enjoy. But a fresh orange is fantastic.

I once drove through Jacksonville, and almost as soon as I crossed the border from Georgia into Florida, I started smelling fresh-squeezed orange juice made from freshly-pulled oranges. It’s an irresistible aroma. I once smelled that same overpowering scent at Farmer’s Market in Hollywood when I toured CBS Television City.

If you’ve ever experienced that smell, you know how wonderful it is.

3. Pomegranate

The pomegranate is only available for a relatively short window: from September to February or so. But after my best friend’s mom introduced me to her pomegranate salad, this odd-looking creation has been a regular yearly ingredient in my fall menu.

It takes some effort to get all of the seeds — they’re called arils — out, but it’s worth it.

4. Banana

Like the apple, the banana is an easy-to-eat fruit when you’re on the go. I like the taste and the texture doesn’t bother me…as long as I’m eating a banana by itself.

But when I’m eating things like banana pudding, I actually prefer the banana to be pulverized and mixed in the pudding without the actual slices in the pudding itself. The mix of textures in that dish doesn’t do it as much for me, but I can still enjoy it that way if that’s my only option.

5. Pineapple

I was once told by someone who had just returned from a trip to Hawaii that you have absolutely no idea what a pineapple really tastes like until you taste one that has just been harvested and cut fresh.

If the pineapple’s fresh flavor is anything like what a freshly-pulled orange tastes like, I have no doubt that he’s right. But until I overcome my fear of flying over an ocean, a visit to Hawaii is probably not an option. So I’ll just settle for the pineapple I buy at the grocery store, which I still think tastes terrific.

6. Avocado

There was a time when avocado would never have made my list. About a decade ago or so, I’ve have never even tried avocado because it was such a bright green color. Then I found a really good local Mexican restaurant and a friend ordered a side of guacamole. He insisted that I try it and, convinced I’d absolutely hate it, it turns out I liked it a lot.

I’ve even had burgers with slices of avocado serving as a substitute or mayonnaise.

The other nice thing about the fruit is that it’s full of the good kind of fat that we actually need. (Granted, consuming it with those fried chips is probably going against us.)

7. Grape

I prefer white seedless grapes if I’m eating them by the bunch, but I prefer red grapes if I’m having a nice glass of wine.

When it comes to either variety — sorry, wine snobs — I prefer the wet variety to the dry variety wine aficionados claim we’re all supposed to embrace.

8. Strawberry

I don’t eat strawberries as often as I probably should. It’s just that they seem to have gotten so expensive over the past few years. The next item on my list seems to have suffered the same fate.

Strawberries can sometimes be hit or miss when it comes to flavor: I like them sweeter, but sometimes I find them that have a very weak flavor. That might be a good reason they’ve dropped down my list a bit from where they might have been a few years ago.

9. Blueberry

If I were big into smoothies like so many people seem to be these days, the blueberry is one that I’d always include in mine. Aside from the very pleasant, sweet flavor, I’m told the blueberry is a “super food” because of the level of antioxidants found inside.

Antioxidants are these magical components that go through the body removing free radicals and improving your general health.

10. Watermelon

I’m not a huge fan of watermelon but if it’s chilled, that’s different. The watermelon makes a great picnic food. Because they’re so high in water content, keeping them refrigerated right before eating them turns them into a cooling treat on a hot summer day.

That’s my list.

What are your favorite fruits?

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