My Return to an Old-Fashioned Coffeemaker

I replaced my trusty Keurig with an old-fashioned coffeemaker after the Keurig decided it would refuse to brew even a drop of java on the wrong day.

Mr. Coffee is back! I recently purchased a new coffeemaker that some might consider a throwback in these days of Keurig brewing systems.

My return to the “dark ages” came after the Keurig I’d had for years started acting strange. The “descale” light would come on, indicating the possible buildup of calcium in the lines, but it would then stay on even after I’d descaled it. Occasionally, I’d pour in the water and get the coffee ready and hit brew, only to have the machine sputter for a moment and then produce less than an inch of coffee.

On its last morning, it sputtered for a moment and sat quietly, producing not even a drop.

You can’t mess with a man and his coffee that way.

I had long ago abandoned the traditional K-cups the machine used for a mini-filter that would allow me to scoop in my own coffee instead of paying as much as 60¢ per brew for one of their K-cups. And frankly, I always felt my trusty Maxwell House Breakfast Blend tasted just as good if not better as some of the K-cup varieties I’d tried.

So when it became clear that the machine was no longer in a cooperative mood, I had to decide whether I’d invest in a new one or go back to the old way of doing things.

I was able to find a 5-cup Mr. Coffee coffeemaker for less than $20. That’s substantially less than I’ve seen on any Keurig price tag.

I like larger mugs of coffee, so for me, that “5-cup” yield is actually slightly more than two cups, but that’s fine: I generally have a few cups of coffee per day, so I don’t mind brewing more than a mug full at a time: I’ll definitely get around to that second cup.

So I’ve regressed with regard to my coffee technology, but I’m enjoying my coffee just as much as I always did. I’d still have to call that a win.

What’s your morning coffee routine like these days? Leave me a comment and tell me how you brew your java.

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