My Writing Space


Bill of “The Wildcat’s Lair” recently showed off the writing space he and his wife share. (Yes, they’re writing a book together, which fascinates me.)

So I thought I would do the same. I will admit that I did clean up a little, but there were several things piling up that I had needed to attend to anyway before the end of the month, so I used “picture time” as an excuse to attend to them!

You’ll note the squeak ball in the lower right of the picture. The dogs, when they think I have been at the computer long enough, will come over for a little attention. There’s nothing like having a faithful dog remind you that despite your frustration and feelings of inadequacy at not being able to make a scene work, they still love you no matter what.

So that’s my space. What does yours look like?


  1. I wish my space was as nice as yours…it’s neat. wow…My space is an antique desk that my father and I refinished about seven years ago and an antique office chair that my dad refurbished about six months ago.

    This space goes from being nice and neat to looking like it was hit by Katrina and Rita at the same time. I wish I could be an organized person–but I’m not. I’m a bona fide stacker. I have stacks of mail to be shredded, books that I’m using to research my latest story, my digital camera, four old ink cartridges that I mean to donate to our church for fundraising, a stuffed version of the Big Chicken (it’s a local thing), and my pink pen for manuscript critiquing.

    As you can tell, it looks like an explosion.

    Love the journal!

    Jess OtherInvisible

  2. Wow! How do you people work in such little spaces? I’ll admit to beginning with a portable typewriter and the diningroom table about 35 years ago–but now my office completely fills the smaller bedroom of my home, the library is in the 20-foot long kitchen. Hmm. Simplicity has its attractions!

  3. My space is mobile, believe it or not – simply a desk on wheels that gets lugged to where i’m doing work. It’s barren, empty, and devoid of clutter. 🙂

  4. wow–your space is neat.
    I tend to write on my bed and at any given day am “ascared” or should it be “afeared” for my life that a major earthquake will come along and I will die under the pile of unread books next to my bed.
    Books that often topple over on their own accord anyways.

  5. I like how you’ve printed up your book as you go along. Kind of a neat way of seeing how far along you are. And of course, the sign of a true writer… a supply of caffeine upon the desk! hehe

  6. Wow. You look so organized. My writing space is a table at a local coffee shop (my desk at home always looks like a tornado hit it–no matter how much I try to straighten it up!)

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