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New Anti-Biden Ads Attack Trump, Too

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I noticed a curious new crop of anti-Biden political ads that popped up on streaming channels over the weekend.

Some new political ads make it clear they’re not fans of President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump. They’re clearly anti-Biden, in some cases right from the start. At least one that I saw said something along the lines of, “We can’t afford four more years of Biden.”

But these ads aren’t asking voters to pick Trump for a second term to the White House, either. Quite the opposite, in fact. These ads sound an alarm: If Trump wins the GOP nomination, the ads claim, Biden will win a second term.

The ad mentions no specific candidate to consider. But it makes it clear that if you’re a Republican, Donald Trump shouldn’t be your choice.

Have a look at the ads

I snapped a photo of the ending of the spot to read the disclaimer. Americans for Prosperity Action produced the spot. That’s what NBC News calls “a super PAC that received millions of dollars during the 2022 election cycle from the Charles Koch-chaired Koch Industries and the Koch-backed Stand Together Chamber of Commerce.”

At least one of the ads includes a statistic that 60% of Americans say they don’t want Trump as president. Brace yourself. The ad attributes that little statistic to — of all sources — Fox News!

“The American people are ready to move on,” that ad states.

“Trump did a lot of good things as president,” another ad begins. “But this time, Trump can’t win.”

That ad, while stating, “Swing voters say no [to Trump],” cite an Associated Press poll that found that 72% of female swing voters and 66% of independent voters don’t want Trump to be president again.

They certainly try to make it clear that for the GOP, a Trump nomination can only spell disaster. I’m not sure that’s true.

I’m certain Trump’s loyal fans disagree. But do they really only amount for 40% of voters? Well, on Sunday’s edition of Face the Nation, CBS News reported results of a new poll. It claims that Trump has a one-point lead over Biden among likely voters. Fifty percent of likely voters say they would prefer Trump compared with Biden’s 49%. That poll, however, doesn’t take into account where those voters are or the Electoral College, I’m sure.

So we could be looking at another 2020 election in terms of how close the results could be. Wouldn’t that be terrific?

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  • There is an ad that a Republican governor running for president that he cut taxes in his state. That sounds really great until you look to see where he cut the budget.

    I did look up that candidate, according to NPR the budget cut, “…$23 million in infrastructure projects,” “…$6 million for the state’s Southwest Montana Veterans Home, $8 million for the Yellowstone Conservation Area and $1 million for a repair to the Chippewa Cree cultural ceremony building.”

    Do your homework people research the candidates… voting is not a passive sport.

  • Unless something happens to stop him, Trump will win. I’m not voting this time; there’s nobody worth voting for.

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