New Crayola Color has a Name: Love It or Hate It?

Months ago, we learned a new Crayola color was on its way to crayon boxes near you. Finally, we have now learned that new color’s name.

Back in March, Crayola shook up everyone’s childhood with the announcement that a color from its famous 24-count box of crayons was going the way of the dinosaur. After much hype, we learned that it was Dandelion that would be sent out to greener pastures (pardon the pun).

We then learned that Dandelion, which was sort of a pale yellow hue, would be replaced with a shade of blue.

Interestingly enough, the shade in question was based on a newly-discovered blue discovered by scientists at Oregon State University purely by accident; they were experimenting with materials for use in electronics when the brilliant, vibrant shade came to light.

In July, Crayola asked people to vote for the name of the new crayon color, since the hue’s actual name, “YinMn,” didn’t seem to fit in a crayon box.

The five finalists up for consideration were:

  • Blue Moon Bliss
  • Bluetiful
  • Dreams Come Blue
  • Reach for the Stars
  • Star Spangled Blue

To put it another way, we didn’t exactly start off with a list of winners, folks.

Of those five, culled from more than 90,000 submissions — which seriously makes me wonder what kind of horrible entries might have made up the other 89,995 — one pulled out ahead of the pack to become the new color: Bluetiful.

It’s cute if you really, really like puns. I don’t know how many people like them that much.

Reaction on social media has been somewhat negative, which is how reaction on social media almost always is.

Here’s my favorite of the examples CNN found:

Don’t mess with Elizabeth’s Crayola box! She’s not having it.

What do you think? Is it the perfect name for a color found under such unusual circumstances, or a complete fail?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being fantastic, how would you rate ‘Bluetiful’?

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