Nordstrom Continues Fight Against ‘Christmas Creep’


Last Updated on January 1, 2013

One of the biggest trends I’ve spotted when checking my blog stats over the past couple of weeks is the renewed interest in a piece I wrote last year about Nordstrom’s decision to fight “Christmas Creep.”

That’s the name we’ve given to the phenomenon in which stores begin decorating for Christmas before Halloween is even over. Despite a general love of the Christmas season, shoppers grow increasingly impatient each year with stores that begin decorating earlier into the year to try to make more money on the holiday.

For years now, Nordstrom makes a point of waiting until after Thanksgiving to decorate its stores for Christmas. Several different photos of signs from Nordstrom stores taken over the past couple of years and circulating across Facebook and Twitter inspired the post.

Apparently, judging by the number of hits last year’s post continues to receive, there’s a good deal of interest in that position.

After seeing the spikes in the article, I reached out to Nordstrom via Twitter. Within two hours, by any reasonable measure, an excellent response time for a business engaging in social media, the retailer confirmed for me that they are continuing the policy this year.

So if you’ve come here via web search about Nordstrom or Christmas Creep, you can rest easier: yes, Virginia, there is still a Santa Claus, but at Nordstrom, he gets to have his Thanksgiving Dinner before he’s required to report to work.

Your Turn:
Are you more likely to patronize a store that holds off on decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, or do you have no preference about “Christmas Creep”?

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  • A few years ago I wrote to Kmart to complain about their choice to be open on Thanksgiving.  They wrote back and said their employees don’t mind working on Thanksgiving and that they always provide a dinner for them.  I have never walked into Kmart after that.  I won’t shop at Wal mart for many reasons – Christmas creep is one of them.  I do appreciate Nordstroms for their perspective on the Christmas season.  They have attracted my business for that reason and many others.

  • I am annoyed by Christmas creep but I’m afraid it isn’t going to stop me from going to the usual stores I shop at, no matter how irritated I become.  I’m a creature of habit and I’m not changing my shopping habits because of this, though sometimes I’m tempted!

  • I grow tired of Xmas crap slung up everywhere beginning as soon as October lately, it seems. In Seattle (Nordstrom’s HQ City) the flagship Nordstrom’s had no Christmas stuff up – nor did most of the stores there, though there was some minor stuff appearing.

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