Nordstrom Continues Fight Against Christmas Creep


Last Updated on August 22, 2017

It probably no longer shocks most of us to see Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween is over.

But Christmas in September is definitely pushing it in my book.

A widely-circulated photo on Facebook of a sign on a Nordstrom’s window points out that the retailer has a long-standing policy that its stores aren’t decorated for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

The way it&nbsp should&nbsp be:

There’s just one problem with that widely-circulated photo: if you look closely, you’ll note that it says, “We won’t be decking our halls until Friday, November 27.”

In 2011, the Friday after Thanksgiving is November 25th. In 2012, it’s the 23rd.

[info_box]Nordstrom confirmed to Patrick’s Place via Twitter that the policy is still in effect in 2012.[/info_box]

I don’t expect most people to walk around knowing the date of the Friday after Thanksgiving, even when it’s just a few weeks away.

My excuse is simple: &nbsp since I have a birthday that week, and since my birthday happens to fall on Thanksgiving every four years, I make it a point to know what the dates right around that holiday are, so that I know when my Thanksgiving meal will be accompanied with a birthday cake on the same day.

Ask me the date of the fourth Thursday in June and I wouldn’t have a clue.

Based on the date, where and when you&nbsp find it online, it appears that the sign depicted on Facebook was from 2009.

I found one photo of a Nordstrom’s holiday sign with the right date, posted in October of this year, here:

Nordstrom’s policy earns it attention among those who hate to feel like they’re being manipulated by early decorations, and that policy’s been around for at least 20 years now.

Do you agree with their stand, that holidays are better when they’re celebrated “one holiday at a time,” or do you think retailers decorating for Christmas in September is no big deal?

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  • Nordstroms is on target whereas Target is missed the mark. Thanksgiving has its own value and should not be drowned under a sea of wrapping paper and elves. With all we Americans have to give thanks for, even in this uncertain economic time, Thanksgiving needs to be set aside and thanks should be given to God.

    Are you going to offer a rant on those greedy companies who are going to force their minimum wage employees to work on Thanksgiving afternoon so the Corp. can stuff its till?

    Of course we will be told all the workers will be voluntary. “You don’t have to work… but do remember that there are 8999 people standing in line for your job…”

    • @Viking I may well offer such a rant later this week…but I’d have to point out that Nordstrom employees, presumably, would also have to work on Thanksgiving at some point to be able to have the store decorated first thing Friday morning.

  • Thank you Nordstroms!! I definitely don’t like seeing all the Christmas decorations and hearing Christmas music before Thanksgiving, let alone before Halloween which is where Christmas Creep has now taken us! The spirit and the season are a wonderful, magical time for many. But when it drags on for months, all that is lost for many of us…

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Nordstom’s. Wait until Thanksgiving is over before you start on Christmas stuff! I was in a Wal-mart over the weekend and they were playing Christmas music! They had one small rack of Thanksgiving items and behind that were shelves full of Christmas decorations. I could not believe it!

  • I feel sorry for retailers who “have” to make a majority of their sales around Christmas. Especially in these unusual economic times. But I also am old enough to relish tradition.

    I will eventually shop but I’ll wait a while.

    Happy Black Friday, er, birthday.

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