Older Than I Am: 10 More Things Invented Before 1969


Back on my birthday last month, I posted a list of things invented before 1969. Here’s a follow-up list of 10 more things that are older than I am.

If you missed the first list of things invented before 1969, which included items like the artificial heart and the modem, things you might not think were that old, check it out here.

And this list begins with one I never would have guessed!

1. Video Games

If you think they only came along in the 1970s, you’re off by two decades! Video games were first developed in 1958, 11 years before I was born.

2. Credit Cards

Those with high credit card debt might wish they’d never been invented, but they were, back in 1950.

3. Valium

People have been able to take a valium tablet since 1961.

4. The Polio Vaccine

Dr. Jonas Salk introduced the polio vaccine in 1955, and because of that, polio was well on its way to extinction by the time I came along.

5. The Transistor Radio

I’ve never known a time there wasn’t such a thing as a transistor radio since it was introduced in 1953. However, you don’t see them that often anymore.

6. The Cardiac Pacemaker

I hope I’ll never need one, but if I do, it’s technology that’s been around since 1960.

7. The Miniskirt

The short-short fashion staple was first introduced, to the delight of men everywhere, in 1964.

8. The Microwave Oven

We’ve been able to zap our food in one of these modern miracles since 1946.

9. Tupperware

The popular storage devices also made their debut in 1946, 23 years before I was born.

10. The Modem

The modem was invented in 1958, 11 years before I was born and 11 years before the internet was born.

That’s the second list.

When you reach my age, it feels good to find so many things that were “born” before you were!

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