Older Than I Am: 10 Things Invented Before 1969

I decided to make a list of things that have been around longer than I have. So here are 10 well-known items that were invented before 1969.

If you’re of a certain age, this list of things invented before 1969 might make you feel a little better about your age. At least, I hope that’s the effect it’ll have.

1. The Artificial Heart

It’s not older by much — it was invented in 1968, the year before I was born. But it’s still older.

2. The Portable Calculator

Created in 1967, it didn’t stop math teachers from warning their students that they couldn’t take a calculator everywhere they went.

3. The Lava Lamp

Lava Lamps came along in 1963, well before I did.

4. Breaking News (on TV)

Speaking of 1963, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy is widely regarded as the birth of television breaking news.

5. Car Seat Belts

Prior to 1959, 10 years before I came along, seat belts weren’t a thing in automobiles.


The computer language many of us love to hate came along in 1965, four years before I was born.

7. Kevlar

The material that protects law enforcement officers and soldiers made its debut in 1966.

8. The Hovercraft

A friend of mine in school was obsessed with hovercraft for reasons no one really understood. They were introduced back in 1955, 14 years before I was.

9. The Laser

Long a staple of science fiction and technology, the laser was first created in 1960.

10. The Computer Mouse

It’s hard to believe the computer mouse is older than I am at all, since most of us had never heard of it, much less touched one, well into the 1980s. But the computer mouse made its debut in 1964.

That’s my list. I think I may consider doing this for the next birthday, too. It’s nice to know there are still things older than I am!

Was there anything on the list you thought wasn’t that old?

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