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‘Oldest Man’&nbsp Had Been Dead 30 Years

Last Updated on February 6, 2022

Every once in a while, a strange story pops up about a body being discovered belonging to someone who died without anyone taking any notice.

The most recent one I reported was the story of a 50-year-old who told his family he wanted to be left alone, then died in his room without his death (or absence) noticed for up to four years.

Now there’s a story out of Japan, regarding the man believed to be the nation’s oldest-living resident.&nbsp  Only he was found to be no longer living, and likely never really had earned the title.&nbsp  Believed to be 111, the man had been dead for three decades, according to some estimates.&nbsp  His death was only discovered by officials after they showed up at his door to update their records for an upcoming celebration of centenarians, only to be denied access by a family member who claimed he didn’t wish to see anyone.

The officials apparently sensed something was amiss, and eventually called in police who forced their way inside and found his mummified remains.

The man’s family is now being investigated, reports the Daily Mail, because they received the man’s pension that he obviously couldn’t (and shouldn’t) collect on his own.

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  • Woah! That is very freaky indeed… having his mummified body in the house for 30 years and collecting the pension!? That's just wrong!

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