Photo Challenge: Clichés


This is the second of the Round Robin Photo Challenges on AOL’s Journals. For more details visit Karen’s “Musings from Mâvarin.”

For right cliché, I went to this site called “Cliché Finder” which lists more of them than you can shake a stick at!

One reminded me of my favorite comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy, in which Laurel would do something foolish and Hardy would react for the camera with a pained gesture that made the audience sympathize with his plight. Such a move is known in movies as a “slow burn.”

I bought this candle months ago at Target, and though I’ve let it burn, filling the air with a mild Vanilla scent, I’ve barely made a dent in the candle itself.

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and Tess, of “First Digital Photos.”


  1. Cool twist! I found that site and several others too. It’s funny how you “know it when you see it” but don’t when you need it. I’m talking about cliches, of course. LOL! 🙂 —Robbie

  2. Mmm, slow burn – maybe I need to go to Target for some candles! BTW – good entry, love the photo. Just got me wanting to go shop Target!


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